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A logo is a company’s primary visual representative. It is used in all marketing and communications for a service or product. It should attract customers and gain recognition and trust. Extensive logo design experience is available from Shoemaker Graphics, whether it is an illustrative logo, a graphic logo or a text logo. A logo can be designed to best represent your company and make it stand out from others. Go to the logo page to see some projects.



With the advances of technology, illustration is becoming more popular with branding, corporate identity, presentations, and we presence. Get the exact image you need that is uniquely suited to your particular project. Shoemaker Graphics can provide both illustration and graphic design. A file may be set up for you to use in any of your projects from your identity to presentations. Go to the illustration page to see some projects.


Web Sites:

Web sites will be designed in way that will work to promote your business. Web sites are cost-effective in this ever-growing Internet age. Your vision and message can be translated into the digital language of content, functionality, and images essential to building sites that keeps visitors coming back. Clients’ marketing goals are balanced with web site design best practices with the latest technology, while adhering to established brand guidelines. Go to the web page to see some projects.



Shoemaker Graphics helps clients with their graphic and print design needs by creating solutions tailored to each project. Services offered include a full range of design, printing, advertising, and marketing services. Assistance and support are provided throughout your entire project to develop a successful outcome. Your brand is your first impression. Go to the print page to see some projects.